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Rank Stranger To Me

I wandered [G]again to my [D]home in the [G]mountains
Where in youth's early dawn I was happy and [D]free
I looked for my [G]friends, but I [D]never could [G]find them
I found they were all rank [D]strangers to [G]me  [C] [G]

Everybody I met seemed to be a rank stranger
No mother or dad, not a friend could I [D]see
They knew not my [G]name and I [D]knew not their [G]faces
I found they were [D]all rank strangers to [G]me  [C] [G]

They've all moved away, said the voice of a stranger
To a beautiful home by the bright crystal sea
Some beautiful day, I'll meet them in heaven
Where no one will be a stranger to me

Rocky Top

[G]Wish that I was [C]on old [G]Rocky Top
[Em]Down in the [D]Tennesse [G]hills
Ain't no smoggy [C]smoke on [G]Rocky Top
[Em]Ain't no [D]telephone [G]bills

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top
Half Bear the other half cat
Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop
I still dream about that


[Em]Rocky Top, you'll [D]always be
[F]Home, sweet home to [C]me
Good old [G]Rocky Top
Rocky Top, [F]Tenne[G]ssee
Rocky Top, [F]Tenne [G]ssee

Once two strangers climbed on Rocky Top
Looking for a moonshine still
Stragers ain't come down from Rocky Top
Reckon they never will

Corn don't grow at all on Rocky Top
Dirt's too rocky by far
That's why all the folks on Rocky Top
Get their corn from a jar

I've had years of cramped up city life
Trapped like a duck in a pen
All I know is it's a pity
Life can't be simple again



Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms

I [G]ain't gonna work on the railroad
I ain't gonna work on the [D]farm
Gonna [G]lay 'round this shack till the [C]mail train comes back
And [D]roll in my sweet baby's [G]arms

Roll in my sweet baby's arms
Roll in my sweet baby's arms
Gonna lay 'round this shack till the mail train comes back
And roll in my sweet baby's arms

Where were you last Saturday night
While I was lying in jail
You were out walking the street with another man
Wouldn't even go my jail

Mama was a beauty operator
Sister could weave and spin
Daddy's got an interest in an old cotton mill
Watch that money roll in

I know your parents don't like me
They run me away from your door
If I had my life to live over again
I wouldn't go back there no more


Roll On Buddy

[G]Roll on buddy, roll on
[C]Roll on buddy, roll [G]on
[C]Wouldn't roll so slow if you [G]knew what I know
So roll on [D]buddy, roll [G]on

I'm going to that east pay road
I'm going to that east pay road
I'm going to the East, I'm going to the West
I'm going to that one I love best

My home is down in Tennessee
My home is down in Tennessee
In sunny Tennessee, that's where I want to be
Way down in sunny Tennessee

I've got a good woman just the same
I've got a good woman just the same
I've got a good woman and I'm gonna change her name
I've got a good woman just the same

Sitting on Top of the World

It was in the [G]spring, one sunny day
My good gal [C]left me, Lord she went [G]away

Now she's gone and I don't [Em]worry
Cause I'm [G]sitting on [D]top of the [G]world

She called me up from El Paso
Said, "Come back, Daddy, Lord I need you so."


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Show me a woman a man can trust


Mississippi River long, deep and wide
The woman I'm loving is on the other side


You don't like my peaches, don't you shake my tree
Get out of my orchard, let my peaches be


Don't you come here running, poking out your hand
I'll get me a woman like you got your man


Two Little Boys

[G] Two Little Boys had two little toys
Each had a wooden [C] horse
Gaily they played each [G] summer day
[A] Warriors both of [D] course
[G] One little chap had a mishap
And broke off his horse's [C] head
Wept for his toy then [G] cried with joy
When [A] he heard his [D] brother [G] say

Do you think I could [C]leave you [G]crying
When there's room on my horse for [C] you
Climb up here, Jack you [G]stop your crying
We'll [A] mend up your horse with [D] glue
When we [G] grow up we'll [C] both be [G] soldiers
Our horses will not be [C] toys
And maybe you will re[G]member
When [A] we were [D] Two Little [G] Boys.

Long years have passed war came at last
Bravely they marched away
Cannons roared loud and in that wild crowd
Where wounded and dying Joe lay
Then came a cry a rider dashed by
Out from the ranks of Blue
Galloped away to where Joe lay
Then he heard his brother say

Do you think I could leave you dying
When there's room on my horse for two
Climb up here, Joe we'll soon be flying
To the ranks of the boys in Blue
Can't you see, Jack I'm all a-tremble
It may be the flash and the noise
Or maybe because I remember
When we were Two Little Boys.

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